Scattering at Sea

For many, scattering their loved ones ashes in the ocean is a fitting tribute. Many do not wish to take the ashes home. Sea scattering is a beautiful and affordable option.

Unattended ash scattering services offers a dignified scattering option for family and loved ones who are unable to be present. The ashes are escorted to a pre-selected location where they are released. The location of the scattering is marked with longitude and latitude coordinates which allows for revisiting the location.

Our unattended ash scattering services option gives family and loved ones that cannot be physically present for the service, a means to provide a peaceful interment. The unattended ash scattering services are also our most economical option. The cremated remains are received and handled in a professional and respectful manor and released into the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean.

A Certificate of Scattering, suitable for framing, is printed with your loved ones name, date of scattering, and the exact location coordinates logged by longitude and latitude and is signed by the captain for your peace of mind.

Our fee is an affordable $295.  TOLL FREE 1-888-929-7779

"Dad loved the ocean. We are happy that he can swim with the dolphins forever."

~ The Plott Family