Cremation Planning

Our cremation economy packages include:

  • Professional Services of Staff
  • Escorting your loved one into our care, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, usually within 1 hour
  • Completing necessary paperwork, certificates and permits
  • Refrigeration
  • Cremation Container
  • The Cremation process itself
  • FREE Hugs

A wide variety of urns are availible at an affordable price.

Rental Casket Viewing Package                                                                      Our most popular cremation package is our Rental Casket Cremation Package. This is for families who desire to have their loved one present for viewing purposes without having to purchase a casket. The Rental Casket is a state approved, beautiful wood casket. The service can be held in our chapel or in your place of worship. This way family and friends have the benefit of having a viewing and funeral. The service concludes, and the loved is then removed from the rental casket and cremated. The cremated remains can then be taken home in an urn or scattered at sea. No cemetery property to buy. This will save the family thousands of dollars.

Cremation Memorial Gathering - Table of Memories
Many families choose the option to have a Cremation Memorial Gathering. This entails having a gathering of family and friends, with or without the urn present, your choice. Up front in our chapel, we setup a Table of Memories displaying photos and personal items such as their loved one's favorite book, eyeglasses, golf clubs, a bottle of their cologne, favorite hat, or childhood baseball glove, etc. as you share special memories together. Grief experts reccomend have a gathering to aid in the closure and healing process. Our full kitchen and patio is availible for a reception following the service.

Cremation Memorialization
You have a choice to either take the urn home, have placement at a cemetery, or we can scatter at sea.

Keepsake Urns
We also offer small Keepsake Urns. A small amount of the cremated remains are carefully placed in these small urns for family members. The majority of the remains are placed in a traditional-sized urn to take home, place at a cemetery, or again scattering at sea.

Please call to set a no-obligation appointment to go over your options. TOLL FREE 1-888-929-7779 or Click here to Contact us.

"We wanted cremation, but we also wanted a viewing before. The rental casket package helped us to acheive that without buying and expensive casket. Our family got the closure that we needed."

- D. Garcia, Hesperia